When you choose Castleman, we offer you three different levels of service for your car

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Whether an Interim, Full or Major Service; our mechanics will carry out a variety of professional checks on your vehicle to make sure it is working at its full capability.

At Castleman our technicians never work on a bonus scheme. This separates us from our competitors and means that there is no incentive for our staff to sell repairs that are not required.

After the servicing is complete we will provide you with the relevant advisory information so that you know the exact condition and, if necessary; which steps can be taken to improve the performance of your car.

Interim Service

An interim service at Castleman Auto Repairs consists of various visual checks that will monitor the condition of the lights, wipers, suspension, brakes, brake hoses and exhaust. Our mechanics will also top up brake fluid if necessary as well as making sure all other fluid levels are satisfactory. Tyres are hugely important but can often be taken for granted, we will check the pressure and tread of your tyres to make sure they are road legal and safe.

Interim Services at Castleman start from £69.99

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Full Service

This is a more thorough type of servicing where one of our mechanics will give your car an in depth check over, including a full computerised diagnostic health check. If you choose to have a full service with Castleman, we will carry out comprehensive checks on the following:

  • Suspension
  • Shock absorbers
  • Auxiliary drive belt
  • Wheel bearings
  • Steering

A Full Service starts from £129.99

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Unlike our competitors, our Full or Major Service includes a full computerised diagnostic health check

Major Service

This is our most comprehensive service and the ultimate check up for your vehicle. As well as the checks on our Full Service and a full computerised diagnostic health check, we will also carry out the following:

  • Gear box fluid level
  • Differential fluid level (if applicable)
  • Change brake fluid and bleed system
  • Coolant fluid change
  • Air and Fuel filter change (if applicable)
  • Spark plugs (if applicable)
  • Test starter motor
  • Test alternator charging rate

A Major Service starts from £179.99

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